Natural Remedies Active Caregiver Membership

LoungeWhen you assign Natural Remedies as your PRIMARY CAREGIVER and send in the appropriate CHANGE OF CAREGIVER paperwork, there are many benefits that are included:

1) Know your caregiver actually cares about you personally and will provide top quality medicine that has been locally grown by a professional and inspected for defect.

2) Switching gets you a gift bag with one Drink, Shirt, Lighter, Jar, Pipe, Edible of your choice, and a half 1/8th for only $15!

3) $15/8th voucher every month with purchase of an 8th.

4) Receive a 15% discount on all edibles, tinctures, hash, clones, and lotions/balms.

5) Receive a monthly Natural Remedies Members Newsletter with valuable coupons, updates, breaking news, and community events.


We encourage everyone to incorporate recycling into your daily life. Each time you bring back your Natural Remedies container for re-fill, you will receive an additional discount to reward your eco decision!